Takeover Day 16 – reflections

Here are three blog entries from this year’s excellent cohort of young people that took us over.


Poole Museum Takeover Day 2016 has been great fun! Whilst we have enjoyed ourselves, we have learnt lots of new skills. From socialising to practical skills, they will all be helpful for future endeavours. We have met a range of different people and experienced a working place in action. So overall it has been a very enjoyable day!

Charlie, age 12, 18/11/16

Takeover Day


Takeover day has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both Tom and I. My favourite parts of the day would have to be the work we did at the front desk mainly because of the work with the Walkie-Talkies and the interesting inquires. Some of the things we had to deal with were, different to say the least. Also I loved working the till because I haven’t done anything like it before. Finally the Poole History Centre was very interesting because we got an insight in what people wanted to know and find out about. All in all takeover day has been quite fantastic.

Thomas Peacock, 12, Poole Grammar.


I found Takeover day a wonderful experience and have come back for my second year running. Most of all I enjoyed front of house and dealing with the public. It was my first experience of using the card machines and using a till. I liked greeting the public and responding to phone calls and public enquirers. Next I enjoyed doing the tours and telling people about what I knew. Lastly we worked in Poole History Centre, where we answered enquiries and in our spare time researched our family history. Overall I found Takeover day to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Thomas Clayton, 12, Poole Grammar.



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