Lines of thought

As our blockbuster exhibition, Lines of thought, comes to a close I thought it would be lovely to share this poem written by one of the volunteer stewards.


People pouring in from I don’t know where,

To peer at drawings and compare.

Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Picasso and so many more,

 Thronging masses pass through the door.

Enthusiasm unsurpassed,

We should hoist a ‘comments’ mast!


What lies beneath each sketch; what was in the artist’s mind

With pencils that cannot be confined?

Yes, this one has hit the spot!

It’s been registered as something hot.

The lines, the dots and daubs of earnest hand,

Of artists who have made their brand.


From eager students and children, to retired folk,

Who come, their senses to invoke.

Inspired, heads full of art and all its intent,

Sketches interpreted on individual bent.

Posthumously, we should make these Masters smile,

 Their protégés aspire to reach the extra mile.


By Karen E Lawman

Did you visit? Did you draw, were you, like Karen, moved in other creative ways? Do let us know.



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