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On Monday 4th July a bunch of young people from Upton Junior School visited the museum and helped us think about how we present the museum digitally. In the spirit of the morning, three students have written a guest blog. Read and enjoy! And thank you for doing this 🙂

Internet safety winners at Poole museum

On Monday 4th July some children, who won the e-safety competition, were fortunate to go to Poole museum.

DSCN4671Firstly we went and met Trudie who was going to be taking us around the museum and be working with us. Soon after, she showed us the log boat and explained about how old it was and where they found it. We then had a quick tour of the museum floors (there are 3 floors packed with historic things about Poole).

After all this excitement, there was more in store; we went up to the top of the building and the business marketing manager called Penelope spoke to us about how she thought she could change the website.


Next we wrote a tweet on paper about what we were doing.  Then Trudie took them in and decided which one to put on as a tweet; she couldn’t choose between Isabelle’s or Ellis’ so she put them both together to make one. This was the tweet: ‘Upton Junior School students have come to Poole Museum to experience an exciting learning adventure. Yay!’

Then we looked at different museum websites in pairs, thinking what we liked and didn’t like about them. We used this to think about what Poole Museum could use on the kids section of their website that would improve it and we contributed some ideas.

Lastly we had a go at the Poole trail, which is a series of posters hidden around the museum. You had to type in a code on the netbooks to find out interesting facts about the different artefacts there were in the museum.DSCN4695

Sadly we had to leave to get to school in time for lunch.

We really enjoyed the educational trip but we wouldn’t have been able to do it if Miss Havicon hadn’t have organised it and Mr Williams hadn’t been an amazing bus driver and helper.

Keira, Tia & Zoe


The young people gave us so many fantastic ideas. Some will be more work than others, but we hope to get some of the ideas off the ground pretty soon. Watch this space for more information.


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