History Pin

Do you use Historypin? You don’t?! Well you must take a look (Historypin)

It’s such a cool resource: you can search by place or keyword. Seriously I could get lost for hours here browsing photos of the past.F9a_0031

Our very own Poole History Online runs using a similar idea, only here you can also find maps, documents and oral history snippets too.

Both these resources could be really effectively combined to create some amazing digital based lessons. Have you used either to do this? Would you like to work with us to explore these ideas further. Do get in touch if you would like to have a bit more of a chat about the possibilities.


And now for something completely different. . . 

crested black macaque

Have you visited our new Wallace exhibition? It’s fantastic – well worth a visit, especially if you’re studying biology this term. Wallace was a contemporary of Darwin’s and joint authored papers together about natural selection.

We’ve created a trail pack to accompany the exhibition, including a trail activity booklet, magnifying glass, ruler, crayons and pencil. The trail pack is on sale in our shop and is fantastic value at only £2.50. But even better it is free for Gold Subscriber schools. For more information, give our Learning Assistant, Louise a call on 01202 262628 or email her at l.diffey@poole.gov.uk




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