Year 5 at Bearwood Primary have been using some of our artefacts to write. He’s a sample.

The description in the last sentence here is amazing!


‘Dust coated desert’ – what a fantastic piece of imagery. . .


Check out the vocabulary: ‘an array of ancient sparkling crystals’. What fab imagination too – I can picture an explorer with a stash of crystals and special stones.

BW 3

The thing that strikes me here is the suggestion of colour. Check out the words, ‘patterned’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘multi-coloured’.


The description here is so clear I can easily visualise the artefacts. I love the contrasting similes – ‘sharp as a dagger’ ‘smooth as a sheet of delicate glass’.

BW writing 1

Well done Year 5.

On another note, you may have noticed how often we feature work and projects from Bearwood Primary. They are not the only school we work with, we work with over 40 different schools each year. If you would like to see work from your school on the blog, please send us some samples, we would love to see it and publish it :-).


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