Harvesting Hazel, Mastering Maths and Stone Age stuff

This week has been as varied and as busy as ever. We’ve had wee pirates in shivering our timbers and climbing the rigging (literally) and small Victorians learning about homes in the past. You can find out more about our programme of workshops for schools on our website. If you can’t find a workshop for a topic you’re studying, drop us a line, we might have something in development or we might be able to put something together for you. We also have loan boxes of artefacts and lots of other things, so do let us know if you need something.


Harvesting Hazel IMG_3296

Our latest update on the Bearwood Roundhouse Project focuses on our recent coppicing
adventure at Garston Woods. The RSPB very kindly let us coppice in the woods and take
the hazel rods away to use in the building of the roundhouse. So a team of us (10 adults and 9 children) turned up on a drizzly Sunday to get stuck in.

And although the skies were grey, the rain held off and we soon warmed up from all the lopping and sawing. It was tremendously satisfying to know that we were helping to manage the woodland and harvesting our own building materials. We left with a van full of wood, ready for the build in late Spring.

I’ll keep posting project updates on the blog, but get in touch for more further details.

Mastering Maths

Thanks for Hamworthy Park Junior School who invited us to deliver our Maths in Real Life INSET on Tuesday. We talked about maths through the ages and used museum artefacts to creatively think up maths problems. My personal favourite was ‘if it takes 10 minutes to beat a carpet clean with a carpet beater this size, how long would it take if the carpet beater was half the size?’. There were also some interesting suggestions looking at mass and volume (old bottles), using formula to work out the size of circles (pot rims) and how many bottles of beer that can be opened using old fashioned bottle openers.

Museum staff also learned about numicon as a resource – very interesting.

We’re going back next week to develop the ideas across topics. . .Great stuff.

Stone Age Stuff

We are redeveloping our Changing Societies workshop to develop separate Stone Age and Iron Age workshops which can be delivered at school. We’ve got a really good plan – I don’t want to spill the beans any further at this point, but we’re using a Royal Institute model – demos, experiments and videos. We’ll be flint knapping, fire lighting and doing a bit of magic, all from your classroom. I’ll keep you posted.


Next week we’ll be running Tudor workshops and more pirate workshops (I love saying that). I will also be giving a short presentation about some of our work with autistic children for Kids in Museums. Follow the workshop on Twitter if you get the chance #autisminmuseums







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