New Face at the Poole Museum

Hi everybody, my name is Sarah and I am the new intern at the Poole museum.

I just arrived from Hamburg on Monday, where I was born and which will always be my favourite city. If you have never been there it is definitely worth a visit. Because the University of Muenster is a very good place  to study I moved to Muenster which is a two and a half hour away from home. I am studying and living there for over three years now. At  weekends I often return to Hamburg which I love..

Now I am spending some time in England to improve my English. I am going to work at the museum for four weeks.

During my first walk through the museum I have discovered many different things. For example the old fashioned mangle which has two rollers close to each other so that the water can be squeezed out of your wet clothes after washing. This is comparable to our modern dryers. You can see the mangle in the corner of the old fashioned kitchen, between the ironing board and the yellow cupboard. DSC_0129

So why don’t you just pop down and visit the Poole museum to see what other interesting objects we’ve got, you will find something for everyone here, that’s for sure.



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