Ho Ho Ho!

This will be the last blog post for 2015 which has been so busy it’s just whizzed by, so I’d thought a bit of reflection might be in order.


Takeover Day

IMG_3133You might have noticed a slightly different style for the last post. . .it was written by one of our Takeover Day participants. This year was the best Takeover Day so far. It was such a busy day. We had extra participants this year, who were tweeting and blogging as well as running the public
operations here. We’re working on plans to rebrand our Young Curators programme and hope to take the guys involved in Takeover Day with us on this one.



The enrichment programme at Bearwood School was incredibly successful and built upon the excellent Magna Carta celebrations there. We made string and fire, learned and used tracking skills, held skype sessions with experts and generally had a lot of fun. We’ve been looking at the impact of this programme and should have the formal results early next year.

Fun times for families

Our family activities have been a blast. We’ve built dens with little ones, hunted for eggs and spiders (not at the same time) and made awesome owls. The Scaplen’s Court Witch and the Barber Surgeon have been back to scare and delight. We’ve introduced new activities, like Mini Explorers and welcomed new families to our regular Museum Music and Mime group.

And. . .

Next year is already looking busy! Schools bookings are already filling up for next term – we’re introducing a new dinosaurs and fossils session which we’re trialling at Merley First School on 7th January.

We’ve got some exciting activities planned for half term and Easter, but before that we’re hoping to do an archaeological excavation with Bournemouth University!

And we have some amazing temporary exhibitions lined up. First up is some stunning work by two local artists, followed by the World of Wallace – Wallace was a contemporary of Darwin, who developed a theory of evolution independently (and actually slightly before Darwin). Then in the Autumn we’re hosting a magnificent exhibition of drawings from the British Museums. It’s full of drawings from the Old Masters and many others, it will be truly spectacular!IMG_3176

So I would like to finish by wishing you all a Merry Christmas – here’s a quick pic of our favourite Christmas Elf to send you good cheer. Catch you all for more fun times next year. . .




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