From the Stone Age to the future!

We’re starting this week in the Saxon period, jumping back to prehistory, leaping forward to Victorian times and back again to the Stone Age. It’s enough to make you dizzy! It certainly is a varied week in terms of workshops for schools. And if that wasn’t enough we’ve got a meeting to plan a new roundhouse at Bearwood School, a tracking session in a wood and our regular singing group for babies and toddlers on Friday.

And then there’s the future – a new blog. I haven’t got many pictures today, but I really want to make this all a bit more visual. So I’ve migrated over here. Early days, but I hope to make this look a lot more zinging as time goes on.

There’s also an opportunity here. Would you like to write a blog post or two for me, are you good at blog editing. I could do with some help (as you can see). Drop me a line if you would like to flex your blogging muscles here.

So given that we’re finishing our week with our singing toddlers, I thought I’d finish this post in the same way. Have a great week. . .

music and mime Aug 12 012


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